Centerfire Pistol Shotshell Ammunition - 44 Spl-mag Blazer, #9 Shot, 140 Grain

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Centerfire Pistol Shotshell Ammunition - 44 Spl/Mag Blazer, #9 Shot, 140 Grain


10 Rounds per box Pests can be hard-to-hit problems. At CCI®, we've designed options for the needs of shooters. Our shotshell options are excellent answers at short range, while the CB long's accuracy makes it an ideal choice when pests present themselves a bit farther out. And for those times when no bullet is the best choice—our Noise Blank is available. What sets us apart from everyone else is CCI's industry exclusive in the Pest Control/Specialty line.



  • 44 Spl/Mag
  • 140 Grain
  • #9 Shot
  • 1000 FPS
  • 10 Rounds per Box
  • Rigid plastic shot capsules that breaks on the rifling
  • Flexible base wad prevents gas blow-by
  • Reliable CCI primers
  • Residue removes with normal cleaning methods
  • Reusable, 10-round pocket packs


Category: Ammo-Handgun

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