12 Gauge Shotshells 2.75" 1.125oz. #7.5 Shot - 25 Rounds

Fiocchi Ammunition


Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics Target Shotshells


Target shooters shoot lots of targets and lots of shells. Tose shooters aiming for the best value in quality target loads for informal practice and competition, look to Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics for the best combination of economy and performance. Quality first-run chilled shot goes into one-piece shot cup , cushioned wads propelled by clean burning powders and reliable Fiocchi primers to deliver our best bang for your shooting dollar. With Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics shotshells, shooting a lot does not have to mean spending a lot. We utilize the same care, research, and in-process testing as with our Exacta Target loads to ensure performance is as advertised so you can be sure your leads won’t change just because you open a new box or case of Fiocchi’s. As more and more shooters try Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics for the frst time, more and more shooters ask for them again at their favorite local range, gun shop, or sporting goods supplier. We are confident that if you try them, you too will become a loyal fan. Easy on your gun, shoulder, and wallet that is Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics Shotshells.



  • Gauge: 12 Ga
  • Shell Length: 2 3/4
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1165 FPS
  • Shot Size: 7.5
  • Oz. Shot: 1 1/8
  • Rounds Per Box: 25
  • Rounds Per Case: 250

Category: Ammo-Shotgun

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