Winchester Deer Season Xp Ammo - 350 Legend, 150 Gr, Extreme Point



Winchester Deer Season XP Ammo


The all-new 350 Legend™ cartridge is engineered for deer hunters to deliver massive downrange energy transfer with improved penetration from a modern straight-walled cartridge. The oversized impact diameter of the Extreme Point® bullet offers bigger impact trauma for larger wound cavities and faster knockdown.


  • 350 Legend
  • 150 Grain
  • Extreme Point
  • 2325 fps Muzzle Velocity
  • 20/Box
  • 200/Case
  • Ballistic Profile - Streamlined profile for flat trajectory and energy retention
  • Large Diameter Polymer Tip accelerates expansion resulting in rapid impact trauma
  • Precision Jacket & Core yields optimum accuracy, penetration and energy transfer

Category: Ammo-Rifle

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