Got Your Six® AR15 Survival Magazine

Got Your Six™

The Got Your Six® AR-15 Survival Mag Features:

  • 10 round 5.56 capacity
  • 30 round magazine shape/size
  • Non-tilt follower
  • Serviceable
  • Survival kit included

Survival Kit contains:

Mini Knife multi-tool (1) Wire Saw (1)
Fire starter Cotton (1)  Mini Compass (1)
Bandages (2) Needle (1)
Alcohol Pads (2) Flint Rod (1)
11 Function Multi-Tool Card (1) Safety Pins (2)
          Can Opener UCO Survival Matches (5)
          Cutting Edge UCO Storm Proof Striker (1)  
          Flat Screwdriver Aquatabs (4) for 4L of H2O       
          Ruler Fishing Kit (1)          
          Beer Bottle Opener           Weights (2)     
          4 Position Wrench           Swivels (2)      
          Butterfly Screw Wrench           Fishing hooks (2)
          Saw Blade           Floats (2)
          DAI (Water Compass)           Fishing Line (1)
          2 Position Wrench GY6™ Retention Tool (1)
          Keychain or lanyard Hole          3/8” Hex Wrench
          Protective case          Flat Head Screwdriver
          Function ID Card          Bottle Opener


Additional features:

The storage container can be used to make an improvised drip water filter or to treat and transport small amounts of water.

Color: Black, FDE and OD Green

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews Write a review

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