Got Your Six® Survival Mag FAQ

What is it?

A 10 round serviceable AR15 magazine in a Mil-Spec 30 round form factor with the lower storage portion of the magazine containing a well equipped survival kit.

Why did we develop such a product?

There is nothing worse then being in an emergency situation and being unprepared. To maximize survival preparedness we designed the Survival Mag to provide several methods of ensuring your survival as the AR15 is one of the most common firearms in the United States and is the weapon of choice for many. By combining a magazine and survival kit we have created a single product that can help you in many different situations. 

How is the magazine secured?

The magazine utilizes a Got Your Six® proprietary GY6 Retention tool to secure the individual sections of the magazine. The retention mechanism has been designed to make the magazine as secure as possible which can make it somewhat difficult to disassemble. This is by design as the storage container is not intended to be accessed regularly. The GY6® Retention tool also has a built in 3/8" optic hex wrench, flat head, and bottle opener.

Is the Got Your Six Survival Mag legal in all 50 states?

YES! Since the Got Your Six® Survival Mag holds a MAXIMUM of 10 rounds of ammunition it currently complies with all states restrictions, and is not considered a high capacity magazine. 

Can the Got Your Six® Survival Mag be shipped outside of the USA?

NO! Please review ITAR

When will Pre-Orders ship?

Estimated shipping July/August 2018 and orders will ship by order number.

 Will the Got Your Six® Survival Mag function with 300 AAC Blackout ammunition?

The Got Your Six Survival Mag has not been fully tested using 300 AAC ammunition. For now we recommend only using 5.56 NATO or .223 Rem ammunition. 

Can I become a Got Your Six® dealer?

We will be bringing on a limited number of dealers. If interested please visit our dealer page for more information.

Any other colors besides black?

We do plan on producing FDE, OD Green, Tactical Gray, and other various colors of Survival Mags at a later date. Please subscribe to our newsletter for updates. 

 What is in the survival kit?

The complete list of components can be found here.

Where is the Survival Mag made?

All of the polymer/acetyl Survival Mag components are manufactured within the United States. The UCO Survival Matches are manufactured by UCO, the water purification tablets are manufactured by AQUATABS, and the survival kit is manufactured in China.

 Do you offer Got Your Six® Survival Mag resupply kits?

YES! You can purchase the same kits found in the Survival Mag here.

How many methods of fire starting does the kit offer?

Two, the kit contains 5 UCO Survival Matches along with a flint rod and some fire starting cotton.

How many methods of water purification does the kit offer?

Two, every Survival Mag contains 4 8.5mg Aquatabs which is enough to purify 4 Liters of dirty water. Also, using the storage container (lower portion) of the magazine you can build an improvised drip filter to filter as much water as needed.


Every Survival Mag survival kit contains 4 Aquatabs that are individually sealed. Each 8.5 MG tablet will purify 1-Liter of questionable water. For cloudy water, filter through a cloth then add Aquatabs. Wait at least 30 minutes for the disinfection to work and then the water is safe to drink. DO NOT SWALLOW THE TABLET!

What is and how do I make/use a Drip Filter?

A drip filter is an impromptu water purification filtration method. We have designed a drip hole in the bottom of the storage container to function as such. To make a drip filter first wrap some crushed up charcoal from your fire into a small piece of cloth and place this at the bottom of the storage container next add some sand  followed by some small rocks followed by a little more sand poor in water... this will not be a fast process but could be lifesaving if done correctly.

How to Use Direction Ancillary Indication (Water Compass)?

You can create a compass by rubbing wire, a paperclip or a pin through your hair, despite the fact that your hair is not magnetic and the normal magnetizing procedure involves rubbing metal against a magnet. To use you need to place the tool on a flat surface on the plastic sleeve that it comes with. Place a couple drops of water in the Orientation Direction Indicator to make level with the surface of the tool. Place the magnetized hair-rubbed wire slowly on the water or on a small leaf if it wont float on the waters surface tension. It should slowly align north/south.

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