Prolink Smartphone Holster And Case - Black, Iphone 4-4s



ProLink Smartphone Holster and Case - iPhone 4/4S


The ProLink Holster and Case is a smartphone device unlike any other. The case protects the smartphone while the holster clips snugly to a belt. The two are connected with an integrated, 36" retractable Kevlar tether making it impossible for your phone to hit the ground when dropped. The holster can quickly disconnect to dock, share or charge your phone. And best of all, the versatile holster clip doubles as a viewing stand for hands-free viewing. This is the ideal smartphone protection against drops and theft.



  • Black
  • iPhone 4/4S
  • ProLink is a series of smartphone cases and holsters constructed of armored polycarbonate for rigorous use and solid protection.
  • The ProLink Case is the piece directly protecting your smartphone
  • The ProLink Case is sleek and lightweight but strong enough to protect your smartphone during rigorous use
  • The case also offers a removable wrist lanyard for right or left hand use that prevents drops or theft


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