Shootnc Self-adhesive Targets 8" Sight-in Pack

Birchwood Casey


Shoot•N•C® Self-Adhesive Targets 8" Sight-In Pack



  • 8 Sight-In 6 Targets
  • Five targets on each sheet - use center target for sighting-in and four smaller targets for testing results of various ballistic loads or for confirmation of sight-in groups
  • Convenient 1 numbered grid lines simplify scope adjustments
  • Instant feedback, no need to walk down range or use binoculars to see your shot
  • Upon impact, the targets explode in color visible to the naked eye
  • Maximum visibility, chartreuse on black is easily visible
  • Great for indoor or outdoor use and low-light conditions
  • Includes repair pasters, allow you to cover up shots and extend target life
  • Self-adhesive backing lets you put up targets with ease

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