Single Stack Mag Speedloader - Adj 9-10mm-38-40-45

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Single Stack Mag Speedloader - Adj 9-10mm/38/40/45


The HKS Mag loader is capable of loading 15 rounds in 18 seconds Faster and easier than ever before, the magaine speed loader quickly loads single or double stack magazines It's this simple: Magazine slips into loader and is held in by hand. Depress thumb lever and load. That's it!



  • Colt Large Frame Single Line Magazines, 9mm, .45 ACP, .38 Super, .40 Caliber, 10mm
  • Ruger P90
  • Sig 220, 239, 245
  • Safari Arms/Llama/Star Firestorm .40 Caliber
  • S&W Single Stack Magazines, .40 Cal., .45 ACP, 10mm
  • Taurus PT945

Category: Magazines-Loaders

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