Trijicon Rmr Mounting Kit - Fits Glock Mos Models



Trijicon RMR Mounting Kit - Fits Glock MOS Models


Fits G34 MOS, G35 MOS, G40 MOS, G41 MOS

RMR Not Included

This kit includes the sealing plate and proper screws needed to mount an RMR® on the Glock® MOS slide.


The AC32064 kit includes:

1 - RMR Sealing Plate
2 - RMR Screws (short)
1 - Hex Key

**Note:  One must have this kit to mount an RMR on a MOS slide. RMRs ship with two long screws which will NOT work. You will need the two short screws in this kit.

Category: Mounting-Bases

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